Fight with Cancer with Flavour’- Cookbook for Cancer Management Started

Knowing the need for a ready-reckoner of recipes for cancer patients, Boehringer Ingelheim India in conjunction with Times Group launched ‘Fight with Cancer with Flavour’, a Cookbook for Cancer sufferers. a

The publication was launched at Crossword, Kemps Corner with all the authors: Gitanjali Gurbaxani, Renowned Food consultant and Devika Bhojwani, Vice President, The Women’s Cancer Initiative, Tata Memorial Hospital who shared advice about how cancer bacteria takes over patient’s eating habits and suggested ways to overcome such problems.

Cancer can have an enormous impact on the patient and their caregivers. The strenuous therapy drains the patient of the emotional, mental and physical being, affecting body’s ability to tolerate certain foods and use the nutrients. Constipation, Vomiting, Nausea and loss of taste and appetite are common symptoms that prevent them from eating. Because of this, the strength and nourishment levels of the body dip.

With a view to make ease for patients in addition to for the caregivers, Boehringer Ingelheim India in conjunction with Times Group developed a publication that has healthy combinations of commonly available components, bringing out some healthier eating choices available to the patients.

Sharad Tyagi, Managing Director, Boehringer Ingelheim India stated “The publication ‘Fight Cancer Flavour’ is an initiative to create awareness about importance of correct diet in cancer management. This publication is designed keeping in mind cancer patient’s palate and supply cancer patients and caregivers access to healthful recipes that enhance patients nutrient supplements and benefit them.”

“Cancer patients often struggle with compromised-immunity and their desire is badly affected. Body tolerance to foods that are various reduces, cutting down on most of the nutrients that are important. Eating the right sorts of food before, during and after therapy can help a patient remain more healthy and stronger. The publication ‘Fight Cancer Flavour’, is a consequence of our hard work and attempt to help patients fighting cancer to rejuvenate their desire, giving them fitter reasons to eat.” Said Gitanjali Gurbaxani, Renowned Food Consultant and Author.

Leading Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s mum, Shabnam Singh firmly urges the Cookbook and has shared her expertise of how she helped her son successfully struggle cancer out with supplements recipes.

India’s leading Clinical nutritionist Dr. Swati Bharadwaj, among the key contributors of the Cookbook, medicated cancer patients and their caregivers on food options, dietary supplements and physical activity to help improve quality of life and survival


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